Special Offer: Save £250 on the new B-Tonic!

Introducing the new B-Tonic double action on muscles and fat, Scientifically proven -4cm average circumference reduction and -19% average fat reduction and +16% average increase of muscle mass, the first in Scotland, 10 models required we need to you use your photographs special price of £750 instead of £1000, initial treatment involves 4 30 minute sessions, 2 per week them 6 treatments over 6 months.

How does B-Tonic work?

The electromagnetic waves are able to induce up to 36000 super maximal contractions of muscle in 30 minutes.

Where can I use it?


How soon will I see the results?

Noticeable results after 2-4 weeks and continue to improve in the weeks to come.

What is the recovery time?

B-Tonic is non Evasive and has no recovery time.

Treatment with clothes on.
No pain.
No down time.